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Orcas, Totems & Grizzlies


August 21 - 25, 2014

Depart Port McNeill, BC for 5 days of wildlife and exploration. Unplug and unwind with a morning paddle. Witness humpback whales and orca, sea lions, and grizzlies. Gourmet food, great company and outstanding scenery top off this great expedition.

5 days -  $2750 per person

 + 5% GST & $100 sustainability fee


Bluewater Adventures Exposed Down Under

Great Bear Rainforest with Bluewater Adventures

Bluewater Crew were hosts to writer, John Borthwick, who joined us from Australia. He captured his Great Bear Rainforest expedition beautifully in an article that appeared in the "Australian" last month.
Read it here...

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April Enews 2014

Explore Canada's Galapagos

 Queen Charlottes - Leanne 066  
  Photos: Natalie Bowes

The Remote Archipelago of Haida Gwaii

Over the last 4 decades of operation, Bluewater Adventures has gained an intimate understanding of the British Columbia coast including where and when it is best to be at  particular times of year. The season always begins in Haida Gwaii where May and June are particularly active months in terms of wildlife. Pelagic coastal birds like the ancient murrelet and tufted puffins return to nest and humpback whales, on their long journeys north, congregate to feed on the bounty of krill in the springtime waters of Gwaii Haanas.

July and August bring longer days, warmer temperatures and a constant "parade" of humpbacks. Calmer seas may permit us to sail off towards the Continental Shelf in search of pelagic species like massive fin whales and albatross.

Of course, any time is a wonderful time to be on the water in the beautiful Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. We visit with Haida Watchmen at ancient village sites where we see the legendary totem poles and remnants of longhouses.
Tufted Puffin

It's not too late to book!

June 22 - 30 (9 days)

9 Days: $4990 per person*


Contact us for details

July 1 - 8 (8 days)
July 15 - 22 (8 days)

July 22 - 29 (8 days)
August 13 - 20 (8 days)

8 Days: $4585 per person*


 Photo: Lindsay Janes  

Southeast Alaska Beckons!

Travel aboard the MV Snow Goose and explore the rugged shores and protected inlets of Southeast Alaska. Start your journey in Sitka on Baranoff Island, enjoy a soak in Baranoff Warm Springs, travel through ice floes to see tidewater glaciers, the humpback whales of Frederick Sound and experience some of the best bear viewing in the world at Anan Creek!

July 24 - August 2 (10 days)

  $ 5280   NOW USD $4980


  per person - no tax


    *Rates subject to 5% GST & $100 sustainability fee.

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