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The 2013 season has come to a close with the completion of the Bluewater Fall School Program. On their last voyage the Crew hosted students from Mountain Park School who traveled all the way from Calgary, Alberta! They spent 5 days learning about BC's Gulf Island National Park and saw humpbacks, orcas and much more!

Thank-you to all who joined us this year to explore the wild places we are privileged to visit and to all of our partners who help to make our trips memorable and unique. We look forward to seeing you next season!

A Haunting Reminder from Coastal First Nations


Learn more about proposed pipelines within Canada and the US - Please visit...
- Sierra Club - Stop the Pipe
- Raincoast Conservation - Oil-Free Coast
- ForestEthics- Pipe Dreams
- Pacific Wild- No Pipeline/ No Tankers
- Randy Burke- Northern Gateway Hearing Presentation

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ENEWS                                                        October 2013

"The Great Canadian Bucket List" 
by Robin Esrock - out this fall

In 2012, author and television-host Robin Esrock, joined the Island Roamer and her Crew on a trip exploring Haida Gwaii.

After traveling to over 100 countries, Esrock chose to focus on the best experiences that Canada has to offer and Bluewater Adventures' expedition into the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve made the cut - in fact, Bluewater Adventures "is" Chapter 1!

There are many reasons why you should add Haida Gwaii to your bucket list. Join Bluewater Adventures in 2014 to explore this amazing archipelago where ancient Haida village sites steeped in history and tradition meet rich marine environments with sea lions, coastal birds, humpback whales and other marine mammals that come every year to feed.

Haida Gwaii 2014

May 12-20
May 18-26
May 20-28
May 29 - June 6
June 6-14
June 14-22
June 22-30
July 1-8
July 8-15
July 15-22
July 22-29
July 30 - Aug 6
Aug 6-13
 (9 days)
 (9 days)
 (9 days)
 (9 days)
 (9 days)
 (9 days)
 (9 days)
 (8 days)
 (8 days)
 (8 days)
 (8 days)
 (8 days)
 (8 days)


8 days - $4585 pp

9 days - $4990 pp


Rates subject to a $100 sustainability fee & Canadian Tax (5% GST)

Queen Charlottes - Leanne 066

This Just In!

We are proud to announce that Bluewater Adventures' dedication to conservation of the environment and sustainability is being recognized by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada by being chosen as a finalist for the 2013 Sustainable Tourism Award. It will be presented in early December so stay tuned!


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