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Bluewater Special Trip
Raincoast Conservation "Allies Expedition"

Grizzly fur collected at a non-invasive fur snag site in the Great Bear

Space is still Available!

Join us in the Great Bear Rainforest on this research and conservation themed expedition with one of Raincoast Conservation's lead Scientists, Dr Caroline Fox and learn how you can make a difference. Please contact us for more information or visit our Blog.

$5150 per person*
*Includes a $300 contribution supporting the Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Rates subject to 5% GST

Haida Gwaii
"Islands of the People"

 Bluewater's inaugural trip in Haida Gwaii was with Bill Reid in 1986! National Geographic states that it is "One of the World's 50 Best Tours".

 Reserve your space today!

May 29- June 6 (9 days)  CAD $4990*
June 22- 30  (8 days)  CAD $4585*
July 1- 8 (8 days)  CAD $4585*
July 15- 22  (8 days)  CAD $4585*
August 13- 20 (8 days)  CAD $4585*
*Add $100 sustainability fee & 5% GST


Celebrate Valentine's Day
and Book a Bluewater Voyage

Bluewater Southeast Alaska "Super Voyages"

If you think 9 days just isn't enough - the 11 day super voyage in Southeast Alaska is the trip for you! After receiving requests from past guests, last year we introduced the 11 day expedition in Southeast Alaska. This trip offers super highlights like 2 days of some of the best bear viewing  in the world  - at Anan Creek and Pack Creek in Tongass National Forest. Tidewater glaciers amaze as they calve into the ocean exposing incredible hues of icy blue. We aim to see 2 of them - Dawes and Le Conte - wow!    Island Odyssey at Dawes Glacier 2013
Each day aboard Island Odyssey we watch for whales - humpbacks and orca, as well as dolphins, porpoise, sealions and seals - so keep your cameras and binoculars handy! If you are fond of birds, you will be busy spotting rafts of them. This rugged shoreline provides perfect nesting areas and great opportunities for them to fish. We pack it all in and more on these 11 days of awesome! More information.


Naturalist - Brain Keating


July 6 - 16, 2014 - 11 days

  Guest naturalist, Brian Keating leads this fast paced and adventure-filled voyage on a quest for bears, glaciers and whales!

Brian has been leading wildlife trips around the world and is regular guest on CBC radio. He was the "Head of Conservation Outreach" for the Calgary Zoo in Alberta where he championed environmental projects around the world.


Now - CAD $6425 per person*

2 spaces left!

Start - Prince Rupert, BC
Finish - Petersburg, AK

Naturalist - Lindsay Janes


July 17 - 27, 2014 - 11 days



  Join Bluewater naturalist and educator, Lindsay Janes, on this epic tour of Southeast Alaska.

Lindsay has been leading Bluewater trips since 2006 and her knowledge of the wilderness and wildife on the coast stretching from Alaska to BC is immense. When you travel with Ms Janes, there is never a dull moment. She engages and educates - she loves natural history and photography and her positive energy will draw you in.

CAD $6425 per person*

Now - CAD $6095 per person*

Start - Petersberg, AK
Finish - Prince Rupert, BC    Reserve now
   * subject to a $100 sustainability fee

Voyage the North Coast with Dr Barrie Gilbert

We are thrilled to travel with Barrie on our North Coast/ Khutzeymateen expedition  in the protected Provincial Conservancy once again.

This trip encompasses a bounty of coastal wildlife; humpback whales and orca, sealions and seals, dolphins, porpoise, nesting birds and of course, grizzlies!  We visit the world's first grizzly conservation area of its kind providing exceptional, bear viewing from our zodiac. The Khutzeymateen Inlet has provided coastal grizzlies with areas, free from hunting and logging to feed and rear their young, since 1994.
    Barrie chats with a rock fish.
You will notice the variety of wildlife and coastal geography that changes with every turn! With permission, we will visit First Nations villages and see ancient petroglyphs  lining the shore. Reserve now

June 17 - 23, 2014 - 7 days

CAD $3995 per person*

*Subject to a $100 sustainability fee and 5% GST
PS - Starting this year, these expeditions are now available in late August!

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