Action for the Environment

We are the first small-ship operator along the BC and Southeast Alaska Coast who is Carbon Neutral. Bluewater will continue to be a pioneer in sustainable tourism practices and encourages other eco-tour operators to do the same.

The company, our crew and our trips all uphold high values about environmental sustainability and work hard each year in reducing our impact. Each year we discuss ways in which we can lower our footprints and implement small changes throughout the season.

Here are some things that we actively do both during our trips, and in our office.

During Adventures

  • Focus on small group sizes (12-16 passengers) to ensure low impact on all shore & marine activities during the trip
  • Travel at low speeds to reduce fuel consumption
  • Sailing and Kayaking provide a free form of transportation and allow guests to get closer to nature
  • Hire local guides in certain areas to reduce transportation of additional staff to remote areas
  • Hire local people for land activities
  • Bluewater has long standing partnerships with First Nations on the coast and is committed to respecting their culture, history and lands
  • All cardboard, compost, paper, batteries, tin, plastics & bottles from the trip are taken to local recycling depots, depending on local facilities
  • All toilet paper onboard is marine friendly and biodegradable
  • Crew use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for the boats, dish soaps and shampoos
  • All laundry detergents used for bedding are environmentally safe

Office Initiatives

  • All paper used is 100% recycled and FSC Certified
  • All paper, plastics, & recyclable materials in the office are taken regularly to the recycling depot
  • Emphasize communicating by electronic mail and use our website as our principal brochure in an effort to reduce paper usage
  • Staff is encouraged to take transit to and from work
  • 45% of our mailings are communicated through e-mailings, instead of postage mail. On every newsletter mailed, we encourage new clients to provide us with email addresses so we can continue to increase this percentage each year
  • Use environmentally smart couriers for deliveries and pick ups
  • Contribute to local renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to reduce total carbon emissions with our offset purchases
  • Support conservation efforts to protect intact wilderness, and our invaluable fresh water and oceans

Things the Bluewater Traveler can do:

  • Before you leave on a trip - Turn off all your lights, unplug appliances that can be left unplugged
  • Pack light! Pack only what you need, and don't bring things that will become waste. By reducing the weight of luggage travelers can significantly cut green house gas emissions
  • While onboard - turn off lights in your cabin when not in your room
  • Minimize the use of water wherever possible - while showering, shaving or brushing teeth. Use biodegradable shampoos and conditioners.
  • Rechargeable Items! - Whenever possible, utilize options that do not require batteries. Buy rechargeable batteries for your essential travel items such as cameras, razors, and flash lights
  • Leave no footprint when you are on the trails, pathways and waterways of the places we are visiting.
  • Purchase offsets for the individual travel to and from the boat. Your travel once onboard is carbon neutral and offset by Bluewater. You can do this here.
  • Contribute to a credible carbon offsetting program to support renewable energy, and other energy saving projects


Recommendations for Purchasing Offsets: