Bluewater Adventures Offers Carbon Friendly Trips

After calculating our carbon footprint as part of Eco-Trust Canada's Carbon Smart process, Bluewater Adventures is offering carbon friendly trips!

In September 2008, we purchased carbon off-sets for a year of operations. Offsetters is a local company chosen by the 2008 Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference as their choice for the purchase of offsets. They invest their funds in local renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. As Bluewater specializes in nature tours in the Pacific Northwest we wanted to invest in local projects making a difference here.

We are the first small-ship operator along the BC and Southeast Alaska Coast who is Carbon Friendly. Bluewater will continue to be a pioneer in sustainable tourism practices and encourages other ecotour operators to do the same.

The company, our crew and our trips all uphold high values about environmental sustainability and work hard each year in reducing our impact. Each year we discuss ways in which we can lower our footprints and implement small changes throughout the season.

Carbon SmartFirst Steps taken to become Carbon Neutral - Carbon Workshop 2008

In April 2008 Bluewater took part in an intensive 3-day carbon workshop put on by the Pembina Institute, in partnership with Ecotrust.  The Pembina Institute is one of Canada's most prominent organizations working on climate change policy and sustainable energy solutions. In addition to work on Canada's domestic climate change policy, the Pembina Institute is noted for its work on the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism. The Institute produces practical tools and educational resources to help companies and communities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Measuring Bluewater’s eco-footprint was a step we needed to take in order to establish measurable objectives for the future. We are happy to report that Bluewater already takes a lot of positive steps in order reduces our emissions and waste. Bluewater Adventures wants to continue to improve and pioneer new ways to reduce the impact of our beautiful environments.

Bluewater Adventures continues to minimize our carbon footprint and is always on the lookout for ways to improve our sustainability practices.

We are moving towards becoming carbon neutral and expect to achieve this by January 2014.