Bluewater Adventures invites you to watch whales, see the elusive all-white Spirit Bear in the wilderness, visit ancient Native villages along remote shorelines, shower under a waterfall, soak in a remote hotsprings or kayak up to an unexplored beach.

NEW & Special Trips 2015

Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands

Aboard our 68’ sailing vessel, we will cruise the waters of this remote archipelago seeing ancient Haida villages, an incredible abundance of wildlife and outstanding wilderness scenery. In June 2010 Canada’s first marine protected area was announced surrounding the islands. Our trips primarily explore the eastern and southern shores which lie within the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.



May 20 - 28:  Birds and more with Avian Expert, Chris DiCorrado

Chris DiCorrado

Chris has been leading trips in Haida Gwaii with his knowledge and exuberance for the diversity of bird species that visit Gwaii Haanas on their migration north and to nest.One such species that stands out is  a tiny pelagic sea bird called the ancient murrelet. If we are lucky and our timing is right, by the light of the moon we will witness tiny balls of fluff come bouncing out of the forest to greet their calling parents at the tide's edge. Spring is the time for these 2 day old chicks to get acquainted with the sea and learn to fish because the next time they go ashore will be to lay eggs themselves.

We look forward to greater numbers of feeding humpback whales taking advantage of the huge plumes of microscopic shrimp called krill - this feeding frenzy keeps us on the look out as we explore the the east side Moresby Island. If you are a wildlife fan, this is the trip for you. Look forward to putting up the sails, enjoying healthy and delicious meals while experiencing the trip of a lifetime!


9 days - $5220 per person

+ $100 sustainability fee & 5% GST



June 26 - July 3:  The West Coast of Graham Island
with Dr Robin Wright

Dr Robin Wright
   Travel with Native Art Historian and Professor, Dr. Robin Wright. Explore Gwaii Haanas National Park and Haida Heritage site with a focus on art and cultural history. Our experienced Crew will interpret the natural history of Haida Gwaii - a spectacular highlight!

Dr. Wright is the curator for Native American Art at the Burke Museum, Director of the Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art, and an expert on Haida art. Haida Gwaii. Robin has been leading trips to Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) for over 20 years, most of them with Bluewater Adventures. She is always keen to share her knowledge on Haida art,  First Nation stories, and her recent passion, Haida geneology, as well as her deep relationship with the people and land of Haida Gwaii is what brings these topics to life.

Travel with Robin Wright and Burke Museum members to experience the west coast of Haida Gwaii — a trip that few have ever done! In June 2015 aboard the Island Odyssey, sail the north and west coasts of Graham Island. Starting in Masset and ending in Queen Charlotte, you will be the first Bluewater guests to ever explore the beauty of Western Graham Island. See wonderful ancient Haida villages, wild beaches, and whales.
A focus on Haida art and culture, this is an excellent trip to learn more about this ancient culture. This trip is for the true adventurer. Exploring and sailing on the exposed, west coast will bring a select group of participants to some marvelous and seldom visited sites; and it amounts to a challenging itinerary.

Participants need to be in good health and fitness to fully enjoy the experience. Weather will be a factor in how comfortable our travel is in exposed sections. While the itinerary intentionally has extra time set aside, weather may prevent us reaching some locations and alternatives may need to be created. All participants need to be informed of the nature of the trip before they sign up. You are encouraged to come early or stay after the trip for a day or two to see more poles and visit with Haida artists. Bluewater Adventures can recommend a travel agent who can assist you with your travel arrangements.

8 days - $5100 per person

  + $100 sustainability fee & 5% GST


July 1 - 8: Haida Heritage & Plant Use
with Haida Matriarch, Barb Wilson & Ethnobotanist and Author,
Dr Nancy Turner


July 15 - 22, 2014 (8 days) with Captain Gold

 People thought Captain Gold was mad when, in the 1970’s, he paddled a canoe from Skidegate to the old Haida village of SGang Gwaay (before it was a UNESCO World Heritage site) - nearly 250 km of hazardous seas. He knew the importance of reconnecting with his heritage, making sure village remains were not further disturbed and of being there to welcome visitors. He single-handedly changed the image of the village and became the first “Haida Watchman”. In the 1980’s, the Haida Nation sent elders to other uninhabited villages to be Watchmen and in 1987, when the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve was officially created, the Haida Watchmen became the figurehead program.

We are thrilled to announce that Captain Gold will be our resource guide for a very special trip Join him in exploring the archipelago of Gwaii Haanas and come away with stories of his life-long efforts to preserve the Haida spirit, heritage, language and oral history. Captain Gold is an Elder, Haida historian, author, and has been a Haida representative on the Gwaii Haanas Management Board.

CAD $4585 pp*
Start and Finish in Sandspit, BC

* + $100 sustainability fee & 5% GST

August 13 - 20, 2014 (8 days) with Golie Hans

 Golie Hans joins us again August 13-20. Golie is a Haida Elder, a Matriarch, and a cedar weaver. She has been a Haida Watchmen in the old villages of Gwaii Haanas for 25 years, welcoming visitors and sharing Haida heritage. She is an integral part of a language revival project called the Skidegate Haida Immersion Program (SHIP). A group of dedicated Elders, all fluent in Haida, have been working to save the Haida language by cataloging Haida words and names for future generations.

We are so pleased to have the opportunity to sail with Golie once again. She offered such warmth and insight to the trip as she shared the history and traditions of her ancestors. This is a rare opportunity for Guests and Crew alike -  to get a unique glimpse into the life and history of a Haida Matriarch.

CAD $4585 pp*
Start and Finish in Sandspit, BC

* + $100 sustainability fee & 5% GST

North Coast/ Khutzeymateen Inlet

Khutzeymateen is a native Tsimshian word meaning ‘a confined space for salmon and bears’, a suitable description - as you will soon see. "Khutzeymateen" is spelled "K’tzim-a-Deen" by the local Tshimshian.

This trip encompasses a bounty of coastal wildlife; humpback whales and orca, sealions and seals, dolphins, porpoise, nesting birds and of course, grizzlies!  We visit the world's first grizzly conservation area of its kind providing exceptional, bear viewing from our zodiac. The Khutzeymateen Inlet has provided coastal grizzlies with areas, free from hunting and logging to feed and rear their young, since 1994. 


North Coast/ Khutzeymateen Inlet

June 17 - 23, 2014 (7 days) with Dr Barrie Gilbert

Join Dr. Barrie Gilbert and cruise along to explore the remote North Coast to the Khutzeymateen in search of grizzly bears and other coastal wildlife. June is a great time to view bears who have just come out of hibernation, some with cubs, and are eager to feed on the variety of estuary plants that flourish this time of year. We also hope to see the infamous coastal wolf and a multitude of marine mammals like orca and humpback whales, Dall's porpoise, and Stellar sea lions. This Bluewater Adventures 3rd year in the Khutzeymateen and it just keeps getting better every year!

Dr. Barrie K. Gilbert was a Senior Scientist from Utah State University and has just recently retired. After receiving his B.A. in Biology from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, he earned a PhD in ecology at Duke University. His specialty is behavioural and conservation ecology, especially the application of behavioural science to management of human-wildlife interactions. His recent research has focused on the impacts of roads access and recreation on bears. This research focuses on other carnivores, their habitat and plans to minimize or eliminate these impacts at a protected area scale. He began studying bears in 1974. For the last 15 years he directed studies of human-bear interactions along salmon streams in Katmai National Park, AK, and in Southeast Alaska. He began studying bears in 1974 and started working with coastal B.C. bears in 1996. Dr Gilbert's experience on the west coast extends from British Columbia up to Southeast Alaska, including some of our favourite bear watching spots like Knight Inlet and Anan Creek.

CAD$3995 pp*
Start and Finish in Prince Rupert, BC

+ $100 sustainability fee & 5% GST

 Great Bear Rainforest

Islands and intricate waterways beneath towering mountains...lush, coastal temperate forests...wilderness alive with eagles, ravens, salmon, bears and wolves...ten thousand year old native cultures... Adventure into this remote wilderness, seeking wildlife, meeting native guides and learning why the Great Bear Rainforest is one of the last gems on the Pacific Coast. 

Island Roamer and Waterfall       Grizzly Bear


The Raincoast Conservation "Allies Expedition"

August 28 – September 4, 2014 (8 days) with Captain Brian Falconer and Dr Caroline Fox

Bluewater Adventures is excited to announce a unique opportunity to explore the Great Bear Rainforest like never before. Along with one of nature’s greatest allies, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Bluewater presents an expedition focusing on the work that goes into understanding and conserving this very special area and why its preservation is of the utmost importance.

Led by Raincoast’s Captain Brian Falconer and Dr. Caroline Fox, this voyage will introduce guests to the Great Bear Rainforest and Sea on a very intimate level. We will observe research techniques and learn about the biology behind a thriving ecosystem. We will learn how scientific practices are enriched by First Nations’ traditional ecological knowledge and discover the importance of current conservation campaigns on the British Columbia coast...All while being immersed in one of the largest unspoiled tracts of coastal temperate rainforests in the World.

This is a “first time experience” offered to travelers in the Great Bear Rainforest. A small group of people will have the unique opportunity to share a passion for nature with those who make understanding and protecting it their life’s work.

This announcement coincides with CREST's recently released report comparing two outdoor recreational activities within the Great Bear Rainforest – bear hunting and bear viewing. The outcomes largely support bear “viewing” as being the most economically valuable.

Bluewater welcomes guests to join this research and conservation-based expedition to get an “on the front lines” perspective.

$5150 pp*

* + 5% GST and a $300 contribution supporting the Raincoast Conservation Foundation